“Godiva elaborates its exquisite pralinés and chocolates from fresh and natural ingredients respecting the Godiva tradition. It offers a high quality, a surprising variety of flavors and a crunchy and creamy texture.“

Godiva uses only chocolate made from butter 100 % cacao. Without vegetal fats. ¡Authentic Chocolate!

One of the keys of Godiva quality are its raw materials, authentic, fresh products and exquisite... delicious creams, delicate mazapan, fruit and nuts are elaborated in the Godiva kitchens following artisan processes fruits of of the tradition.

The preparation of "pralinés" and the chocolates.

Five production techniques are used to elaborate the variety of forms and subtle flavors of the Godiva chocolates. These are the modeled one, the extrusion, cover by hand or under a film of liquid chocolate, immersion and decoration by hand.
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